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沖縄の器【金城宙矛】灰釉皿(20.5cm)A・B/Okinawa Pottery Hiromu Kinjo Ash glazed plate(φ20.5cm)

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沖縄で作られる陶芸家・金城宙矛による「灰釉皿」。 沖縄の土にこだわり、土と釉薬と窯の温度で偶発的に映し出される金城宙矛の作品は、シンプルながらも重厚感のある、大人の暮らしに似合う上質な器。 パスタやカレーライス、食卓の真ん中で惣菜やチャンプルーを盛り付けたり、カフェ風のワンプレートにもおすすめです。 日々の食卓に重宝しそう。 直径 約20.5cm 高さ 約4cm 写真 1~3 A 写真 4~5 B 【金城宙矛】 ※こちらの商品は、個人の作家が一つひとつ、丁寧につくっています。 それぞれに微妙な味わいや特徴があり、作った季節や、窯に入れた際の天候などの影響を受けることで、画一的な仕上がりにならないのが、やちむんの魅力の一つでもあります。 このため、ご覧になっている器の画像と、若干、仕上がりなどで違いが生じる場合がございます。この旨、ご了承頂いた上で、お選びいただければ幸いです。 ※ひとつひとつ手作りの為、その時々の窯の具合や季節ごとに仕上がりの色合いや模様が、1客毎に異なる場合がございます。 "Ash glaze plate" by Okinawan potter Hiromu Kinjo. Hiromu Kinjo's works, which are carefully selected from Okinawa's soil and are accidentally projected by the clay, glaze, and temperature of the kiln, are high-quality vessels that are simple yet dignified and suitable for adult life. It is also recommended for serving pasta, curry rice, side dishes and chanpuru in the middle of the table, or as a cafe-style one plate. It will come in handy for your daily dining table. Diameter about 20.5cm Height about 4cm Photo 1-3A Photo 4-5B [Hiromu Kinjo] *This product is carefully made one by one by an individual artist. Each pottery has its own subtle flavor and characteristics, and one of the charms of Yachimun is that it is not uniform because it is affected by the season in which it was made and the weather when it is placed in the kiln. For this reason, there may be slight differences between the finished product and the image of the product you are viewing. We would appreciate it if you could choose after acknowledging this. *Because each piece is handmade, the color and pattern of the finished product may differ from one customer to another depending on the condition of the kiln and the season.

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